Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 52

Recommended: Controls should be offset toward the room and easy to grasp, as with lever or loop handles (a and b). Hot and cold should be identified with red and blue indicators. Provide a handheld spray at a height accessible to the user (b). Code Reference:  Tub/shower controls should be operable with one hand and not require tight grasping. (ANSI 309.4)  Controls should be on an end wall of the bathtub, between the rim and grab bar, and between the open side of the bathtub and the mid-point of the width of the tub. (ANSI 607.5) (a)  Controls in roll-in showers should be above the grab bar, but no higher than 48” a bove t he s howe r f l oor . I n t r a ns f e r type shower compartments, controls, faucets, and the shower unit should be on the sidewall opposite the seat, be t we e n 38” a nd 48” a bove t he s howe r floor. (ANSI 608.5) (b)  A handheld spray unit should be pr ovi de d wi t h a hos e a t l e a s t 5 9 ” l ong that can be used as a fixed showerhead and as a handheld shower. In transfer type showers, the controls and shower unit should be on the control wall within 15” of t he c e nt e r l i ne of t he s e a t ( c ) . I n roll-in type showers, shower spray units mounted on the back wall should be no mor e t ha n 27” f r om t he s i de wa l l . I f an adjustable height showerhead mounted on a vertical bar is used, the bar should not obstruct the use of the grab bars. (ANSI 608.6) 52