Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 44

 When a permanent seat is provided at the head of the bathtub, the clearance s hou l d e xt e nd a mi ni mu m of 12” beyond the wall at the head end of the bathtub. (ANSI 607.2)  The clearance in front of the transfer- type shower* compartment should be at l e a s t 48” l ong me a s ur e d f r om t he c ont r ol wa l l a nd 36” wi de . ( ANSI 608.2)  The clearance in front of a roll-in- type shower** compartment should be a t l e a s t 60” l ong ne xt t o t he ope n f a c e of t he s howe r c ompa r t me nt a nd 30” wi de . (ANSI 608.2) Toileting  When both a parallel and a forward approach to the toilet are provided, the clearanc e s houl d be a t l e a s t 56” measured perpendicular from the rear wa l l , a nd 60” me a s ur e d pe r pe n di c ul a r from the sidewall. No other fixture or obstruction should be within the clearance area. (ANSI 604.3.1, 1002. *A t r ans f e r s howe r , ( 36” x 36”) pr ov ides support to a standing person or one who can stand to transfer. **A roll-in shower is a waterproof area large enough for a person in a wheelchair to remain in the chair to shower. A preferred minimum size for roll-i n s howe r i s 36” – 42” x 60”. 44