Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 34

28: Storage at cleanup/Prep Sink Recommended: Of the total recommended wall, base, drawer and pantry shelf/drawer frontage, the f ol l owi ng s houl d be l oc a t e d wi t hi n 72” of the centerline of the main cleanup/prep sink: a. b. c. a t l e a s t 400” f or a s m all kitchen; a t l e a s t 480” f or a me di um ki t c he n; a t l e a s t 560” f or a l a r ge ki t c he n. Code Requirement: State or local codes may apply. Access Standard Recommended: Pl a n s t or a ge of f r e que nt l y us e d i t e ms 15” t o 48” a bo ve t he f l oor . Code Reference: See Access Guideline 27 for reach specifications. 34