Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 24

20: Cooking Surface Safety Recommended: a. Do not locate the cooking surface under an operable window. b. Window treatments above the cooking surface should not use flammable materials. c. A fire extinguisher should be located near the exit of the kitchen away from cooking equipment. Code Requirement: State or local codes may apply. Access Standard Recommended: Pl a c e f i r e e xt i ng ui s he r be t we e n 15 ” a nd 48” off the finished floor. 21: Microwave Oven Placement Recommended: Locate the microwave oven after c ons i de r i ng t he us e r ’ s he i g ht a nd a bi l i t i e s . The ideal location for the bottom of the mi c r owa ve i s 3” be l ow t he pr i nc i p l e us e r ’ s s houl de r but no mor e t ha n 54” a bove t he floor. If the microwave oven is placed below the 24