Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 20

Access Standard Recommended: Lowe r t he c ookt op t o 34” ma xi mum he i g ht and create a knee space beneath the appliance. See Access Standard 6 for knee space specifications. Code Reference: When a forward-approach clear floor space is provided at the cooktop, it should provide knee and toe clearance and the underside of the cooktop should be insulated or otherwise configured to prevent burns, abrasions, or electric shock. (ANSI 1002.12.6.4) The location of cooktop controls should not require reaching across burners. (ANSI 1003.12.6.4) 18: Cooking Surface Clearance Recommended: Al l ow 24” of c l e a r a nc e be t we e n t he c ooki ng surface and a protected noncombustible surface above it. Code Requirement: At l e a s t 30” of c l e a r a nc e i s r e qui r e d between the cooking surface and an unprotected/combustible surface above it. (IRC M 1901.1) If a microwave hood combination is used above the cooking surface, then the ma nuf a c t ur e r ’ s s pe c i f i c a t i ons s h o ul d be followed. (IRC M 1504.1) Re f e r t o ma nuf a c t ur e r ’ s s pe c i f i c a t i ons or 20