Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 16

13: Dishwasher Placement Recommended: Locate nearest edge of the primary di s hwa s he r wi t hi n 36” of t he ne a r e s t e dg e of a cleanup/prep sink. Pr ovi de a t l e a s t 21” * of s t a ndi ng s pa c e between the edge of the dishwasher and countertop frontage, appliances and/or cabinets, which are placed at a right angle to the dishwasher. *I n a di agonal i ns t al l at i o n, t he 21” i s measured from the center of the sink to the edge of the dishwasher door in an open position. Code Requirement: State or local codes may apply. Access Standard Recommended: Raise dishwasher 6” – 12” whe n i t c a n be planned with appropriate landing areas at the same height as the sink. Code Reference: A c l e a r f l oor s pa c e of a t l e a s t 30” x 48” s houl d be pos i t i one d a dj a c e nt t o t he dishwasher door. The dishwasher door in the open position should not obstruct the clear floor space for the dishwasher or the sink. (ANSI A 117.1 804.6.3, 1003.12.6.3) 16