Kitchen Design Standards Kitchen and Bath Design Standards - Page 13

10: Cleanup/Prep Sink Placement Recommended: If a kitchen has only one sink, locate it adjacent to or across from the cooking surface and refrigerator. Code Requirement: State or local codes may apply. Access Standard Recommended: Plan knee spaces at the sink to allow for a seated user. Recommended minimum size f or a kne e s pa c e i s 36” wi de x 27” hi g h x 8” de e p, i n c r e a s i ng t o 17” de e p i n t he t oe s pa c e , whi c h e xt e nds 9” f r om t he f l oor . Insulation for exposed pipes should be provided. Code Reference: The sink shoul d be no mor e t ha n 34” hi g h or a dj us t a bl e be t we e n 29” a nd 36” . (ANSI 117.1.1002.4.2) The sink bowl should be no more t ha n 6 1/ 2” de e p ( ANSI 117. 1 1002.12.4.3). Exposed water supply and drainpipes under sinks should be insulated or otherwise configured to protect against contact. There should be no sharp or abrasive surfaces under sinks. (ANSI A117.1 606.6) 13