Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 8

news Airport brings the check-in experience to life in Orlando The London Lightbox - a new kind of photo booth Sending shockwaves through the British event tech industry, Shoreditch based tech start-up, The London Lightbox, has hit gold with their flagship product. Taking inspiration from early Victorian film cameras, and the Cinématographe, The Obscura range has been both designed and made in England by a team of engineers, carpenters & steel workers. But what is it? The Obscura is essentially a photo booth, without the booth. Co-owner of the business, Colin Wealleans explains, “We saw a gap in quite a big market. The photo booths we regularly see are big, clunky & difficult to manoeuvre boxes, which block event space & ruin venue flow. Companies & individuals choose their venue for a reason, so why clog it up?” The Obscura itself is jam packed with tech. Open the front hatch of the main body and you’ll find a Canon DSLR camera coupled with an impressive lens, along with a studio strobe and a high-end tablet to run the booth application. An imaginatively disguised 8 KIOSK solutions professional grade printer provides a stream of high quality customised prints for users to take home. Furthermore, it can shoot onto any background, indoors or out, and can even implement green screen technology to super-impose a ‘make believe’ scene. Socially optimized and with campaign tracking facilities at their headquarters, the team can accurately measure the impact the Obscura has on client marketing campaigns, giving the booth a full service offering. With a stream of bookings from some huge brands, like Unilever and Google, the booth has shown it can lend itself perfectly to parties, promotional campaigns and imaginative experiential events. In fact, the booth has been used for monthlong fixed promotions & 4-hour store launches alike. The Obscura is the ideal photo booth for tight spaces or quirky venues, and with its fully customizable tech, skin & prints, it truly is a photo booth redesigned. The Greater Orlando Aviation Administration has unveiled a new standard in airport displays that will span the length of five football fields to create a fun and interactive check-in experience for the 42 million passengers who travel to and from Orlando International Airport every year. SITA, the air transport technology provider, has partnered with Synect to design and install the ultra-high definition video wall, which fully integrates with the airport operational systems to deliver dynamic way-finding along with flight information, destination time and weather, security and gate information. In addition, the family-friendly airport can now display engaging games to entertain its young travellers and decrease perceived wait times