Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 6

news imageHOLDERS work with Shoreditch Platform to create a self-service check in tablet enclosure imageHOLDERS has successfully delivered a self-service check-in kiosk which provides Shoreditch Platform with a valuable asset and saves their clients time when entering their premises. Shoreditch Platform is a flexi coworking space and lounge, based on a pay-as-you-go system, which required an easy check in service for busy city workers. The Shell+ tablet enclosure provides an ideal solution that saves resources, while remaining stylish and in keeping with the design of the workspace. imageHOLDERS designed the Shell+ 12 to fit to a custom counter mount. The Shell+ 12 securely encloses a touchscreen Raspberry Pi and a contactless card reader. The enclosure is mounted on a reception desk within the Shoreditch office entrance. Users of the workspace purchase hours on their online account which is linked to their personal contactless membership card. When the user arrives at the offices they tap the card on the contactless reader within the secure Shell+ enclosure. The platform will then check the user in and inform them about their account. When the user leaves, they must repeat the process and the account will deduct the relevant amount of time, ensuring only payment for the time used. The enclosure provides a solution to accurately record usage, without the necessity for interaction with a receptionist. Should the account be low on funds, the user can then speak to a receptionist or go online to buy more time. Yaniv Kusevitzky, Shoreditch Platform said, “The Shell+ is going down really well with our users. The platform accurately records data and is the ideal self-service platform. It’s time efficient because customers only need to interact with staff if the account is running low. We also love the product design, which fits to our reception area and includes ou