Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 39

opinion: gaming kiosks enter sweepstakes, sign up for events and obtain personalised rewards in the form of coupons and bonus slot tickets. Digital signage mounted on the kiosks above the touchscreen interfaces display advertising and other casino information such as drawing winners and jackpot payouts. Livewire now has over 80 kiosks deployed around the Foxwoods property. Expanding functionality The features being incorporated into kiosks at the casino are being expanded on a regular basis. New functions include wayfinding, food and drink ordering, and directing guests to their favourite gaming machines. Olea Kiosks is a leading manufacturer of loyalty program kiosks for the gaming industry. The company also serves sectors including higher education, government, human resources, retail and hospitality. Frank Olea, CEO of Cerritas, California-based Olea Kiosks Inc. said, “I’m also seeing a little bit of interest in functions such as player registration, where people can register for slots tournaments and things like that.” Olea Continued, “We’ve seen some new card printers come out that offer the ability for kiosks to hold multiple types of cards and have the ability to print a guest’s name on them,” Adding, “That allows the casino to store different levels of player loyalty cards and then print on those, so the guest doesn’t have to go to customer service to get a new card.” “The look and feel is changing in the gaming world,” commented Liz Messano, sales manager with Las Vegas-based SlabbKiosks. Along with casinos, SlabbKiosks’ customers include government organisations, universities, financial institutions and healthcare providers.“Big and clunky is becoming a thing of the past, so casinos and such are looking to the kiosk industry to help them with this transition,” Messano said. And because many casinos are attached to hotels, companies are incorporating kiosk functions geared to guests spending their vacations on the property. “At MGM Resorts, kiosks help us to enhance our service to guests,” said Mary Hynes, director of corporate communications with Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International. “At our ARIA and Monte Carlo resorts in Las Vegas, we plan to begin offering checkin and check-out at kiosks as an option for our guests. We also offer Internet kiosks where guests may print their boarding passes.” The ARIA Resort & Casino and the Monte Carlo are just two of the 14 properties MGM operates in Las Vegas. The company also operates resorts in Mississippi and Michigan, and holds interests in four other properties in Nevada, Illinois and Macau, China. So with the gaming industry becoming increasingly competitive even as it grows and properties becoming ever more creative in their efforts to attract new patrons, the race is on to develop new self-service capabilities that can be incorporated into the kiosk. The capability of the technology is limited only by the imagination of the people developing those capabilities. “It’s a mature technology, but we get requests all the time for new functions,” Olea said. “It’s probably time that we start looking at making the kiosk do things beyond what they already do. You’ve got the machine and you’ve got a captive audience but it’s time to start expanding their use.” n KIOSK solutions 39