Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 38

opinion: gaming kiosks level of rewards. “There are many days when casino properties are getting bus loads of people, and they can get pretty crowded,” McCracken said. “The selfservice capabilities of kiosk technology have helped casinos reduce the manpower needed to provide a lot of the basic functions to take care of their guests, while improving customer service at the same time.” For the house • Enrol new loyalty members • Print customised player’s club loyalty cards • Eliminate lines at customer service • Deploy manpower to more complicated tasks • Check-in/check-out at resort hotel • Print boarding basses for departing guests When casinos made the transition from mechanical to digital games in the 1980s and 1990s, it opened the door to technology that helped them spot their most profitable patrons. Loyalty programs, originally called slot clubs, began appearing in many of the larger casinos. Customers would sign up for player cards, and in return for loyalty to a particular casino they would receive reduced-rate or complementary rooms, access to special events, free meals and more. Players would insert their cards into a slot machine or other gaming device, with their level of rewards dependent on their overall playing time or the money wagered. The loyalty cards provided a flood of analytics for casino operators, allowing them to track the playing habits of 38 KIOSK solutions individual patrons and reward them accordingly, as well as letting them see which games were the most popular and kept patrons playing the longest. And because kiosk technology had long been a feature of casinos in the form of ATMs, it was only a small step to adapt the technology to loyalty cards, allowing a player to swipe their card to see what they had earned. “Certainly, I think part of the idea is to improve customer service,” said David McCracken, CEO of York, Pennsylvania-based kiosk software provider Livewire Digital. “The technology has allowed casinos to reduce the number of people lined up at a customer \XH\8'HY[˂']8&\܈H\Y\]]8&\[™܈H\[H][B\Y\]وH[\[XHX\˸'B^K]8&\[[[ۈYB^Y\\HZ\\]HX[B[ۛH]\H[Z[™܈^H[YXXH^Z[[ۈX\\H\X[]Y\و[XB]Hܛۈݙ\HYX\]HB\X\ٙ\YHH]X\˂]]\K܈^[\K\ܚY]\ܝ\[[YX\ ۛXX]܈[ܙH[ LYX\˂\H\\\[[Hܛ][ܙH[ Hو[Z[XH\[›[ܙH[ Y\œ\^KH\ܝ[™X]\\H[] K M\[H\ܞB\YH܈[[[Y[˂X]\H&B^\[[\BXZ[]Y[ٙ\Y[Z]Y[[ۘ[]K[ X[Y[Y[\XY]]\H\]HZ\XX[\˜H[ܙH[\\Yۈ[HY[›][[ۘ[]H܈Y[X\وB\[&\[\[\[H]\”ܘ[K[XYو][]ۜZ][[H]H\Y\\XH\[X\YY[H[™܈[[ۘ[]\[YXZHH\X\X\˜]Z[XH]H[˂]]\H[[X][H][YBٝ\H][ۈ][Yܘ]YB[\[H]\ܘ[H]&H\[X[Y[Y[\[B[]H\[K[Y][ۈ˜Z[XH\HZ\X[H\Y][[[\]ۜ[