Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 35

tablet kiosk solutions Self-service payment terminals One of the biggest industries within the technological revolution is payment, with contactless and Apple Pay requiring vendors to constantly adapt. Alongside these developing payment types, selfservice payment terminals are becoming the expected norm for any retailer. The space required for two checkouts, vs the space for up to 6 self-service terminals, promises businesses that their floor space is being maximised, while ensuring that the consumer feels their time is being appreciated with the option of an express checkout. As more and more retailers invest in self-service terminals, a wider range of consumers are interacting with selfservice applications and are therefore more likely to utilise self-service in different situations. From government offices to local libraries, users are becoming less sceptical about filling in forms or returning books using selfservice kiosks, thanks to the influx of self-service payment terminals. While it’s advisable to have an attendant in some scenarios, most situations such as car parking kiosks, do not require any assistance. Consumers are becoming cashiers, car parking attendants, banking tellers and more, thanks to self-service, and this new rise in control is proving popular with an increasingly security conscious society. businesses take advantage of the potential that mobile provides. From pre-ordering your Starbucks order via their app, to paying with Apple Pay on iPhones, businesses are already merging online with i 7F&R'fW7Fr0FB&V֖B67VW'2bF66VG2 7V6ffW'2'W6W726V7W&RF@FW&R&RF6V6FRvFFV 7W7FW'2BFRvFG66VW2vrFvF6Vb6W'f6RF&WB62vv0&VV&W"FW6V&GV7G2B66F7W'6Ɨ6VB&WFpFV6FfGVW6W"g&FRFF6V7FVBrV67W7FW"6আfRvǒVVRWW&V6RvP'W6W76W2&R&RFW6V&GV7G0B6V7BfV&RFF&WBFV 7W7FW'2BFV"W&66r&G2֗6r6Vb6W'f6P6Vb6W'f6R2vFR&V6r6WFB6&RƖVBWfW'vW&Rg&ЦFW&7FfR2F6"&rFW&֖26Vb6W'f6R6( BW7Bf"VBG0B6V6֖FW62( 266V&F@6&RFR&RVff6VBB6fRࠧ&W6W&6W26&R6WfVBF&VvF0FV6wvWFW"FN( 26V6r@''BG&rW"6"W2fbf 6W'f6R"&r7FfFW2BFVFR67Bb6Vb6W'f6R60f7FǒW72WV6fRFFR&p&6W72G&rB7W&6Rb6vRVVRB2f&R#BpFVWB67VW"FVG2vWFW N( 2&V6WFFW66V6֖B"6&GFF7FF6Vb6W'f6R0&WB6Vb7Vff6V7BVvW&V@f"FRW6W"&VVfG2f"WfW'PFR6&ƗFW26Vb6W'f6R&fFW0F&VvF&WB62V7W&W2FB&F'W6W76W2B67VW'2&RvWGFpFR7BWBbFV"WW&V6R'W6r7GƗ66RBVvvpF&WB6'W6W76W2&R&RFfW7B&FFV"7W7FW'2@FV"gWGW&R2FR6&ƗFW2`FV6w7&V6W26F67VW'0WV7FF2BgWGW&R&frvF6Vb6W'f6RF&WB6V7W&W2F@'W6W72&R7VF&ǒ&W&VBf"琦WrFWfVVBࠤ&RB6Vb6W'f6PF&VR&ƖVR&R6V7FVBFFRFW&WB'&RBFV6w2rWV7FVBVVVBb琧G&67FF2V7W&W2FBFP&GbW6W'2vBVVB琦767F6RvVW6r6Vb6W'f6RF&W@62FW&Vf&RFRV&W"b7Ff`&WV&VB2G&F6ǒ&VGV6VBvFV&ǒGvB`&Ɩ6'GW2FR6WG0b67VW'2N( 2'FBF@46WF23P