Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 34

tablet kiosk solutions "The cost of a self-service kiosk is vastly less expensive than the hiring process, training and insurance of a single employee" engaged with self-service and now customers know exactly what they need and instead fear that by reverting to interacting with human attendants, confusion and wrong orders could follow. From food orders in restaurants to giving a name when checking in at a hotel, consumers feel the need to double-check that the waiter or receptionist correctly took down their details. With a self-service kiosk there is reduced potential for fear, as users are inputting their own requests and information, and feel in control over what to expect. What consumers are asking for more and more often, are options and assurance that they will get what they ask for. 34 KIOSK solutions The future of self-service Traditionally kiosks are cumbersome terminals that are expensive, take up vast amounts of space, have costly maintenance contracts, are inefficient and look unattractive. Today consumers have high standards and will no longer accept a poor self-service experience, so businesses must look to the future, the future of the ‘tablet kiosk’. Tablet kiosks are a cost effective solution to the traditional kiosk. They require minimal space, have a sleek design and are highly secure. They do not require high maintenance fees as they are simple to install and easy to maintain. Altogether, tablet kiosks provide a cost-effective and future proof solution for the kiosk market. One traditional kiosk can be replaced by two tablet kiosks for less money and without taking up more valuable space. Tablet and iPad kiosks are striking in design. The psychology of consumer behaviour is considered during the conception and design of the enclosures. They must be welcoming, and draw attention in a subtle manner, so that potential users are enticed and want to interact with the unit. Tablet kiosks are extremely versatile and offer a variety of different business solutions when combined with OEM devices. All of these different solutions require different devices. Whilst a car park kiosk may require a chip and pin reader, cash acceptor, change dispenser and ticket printer, an access control station may only require a biometric fingerprint scanner. The different self-service solutions change depending on the problem they are trying to solve. Modular kiosks future proof business needs. We have created a modular kiosk which has adjustable internal shelving to securely integrate a variety of different devices, from A4 printers to contactless card readers, ensuring that any collection of devices can be held securely.