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case study To measure the success digital signage had versus the printed signs, audience impression measurement analytics was deployed to measure the number of people looking at the signs as well as the time spent reading the signs. Embedded cameras and sensors captured audience reaction to the old printed posters and, after the digital screens were installed, the same measures were used to gauge the reaction to the digital. Overwhelmingly, the digital signs were resonating with audiences and were more impactful. Michael Frost, from Flight Centre retail digital experience, noted there was an 89% increase in views and a 52% increase in attention time from the paper signs to the digital signage. The final solution was runner-up for the top prize for Digital Experience at the Sydney Design Awards 2015 and took home the bronze for the 2015 POPAI Digital Signage awards. n QUICK FACTS: Flight Centre Australia, one of the world’s largest international travel outlets, wanted to modernise retail stores by introducing digital signage. The award-winning project is: • Currently found on 700 in-store and street facing screens in 300 stores using 600 players • Powering screens of varying shape and size, including video walls and 84in 4K displays • Displaying full-motion videos selected by sales associates to specifically target current in-store audiences • Integrating real-time data feeds for foreign exchange currency rates and dynamic airline ticketing prices • Anonymous video analytics showed an 89% increase in views and a 52% increase in attention time from the paper signs to the digital signage Brilliant Display. Superior Quality. Competitive Price. Re-Inventing Interactive Kiosk Solutions With the New 90-Series. Create brilliant, engaging experiences with a wide range of sizes, from 10” to 27”. Made to fit in any environment. New! PCAP 2GS (two glass solution) technology delivers a 10 touch interactive experience with durability in high traffic settings. Drop in replacement with backwards compatibility allows for plug-and-play replacement of existing units. | +32 16 704 500 | Elo and the Elo logo are registered trademarks of Elo Touch Solutions. © 2016 Elo Touch Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. 16041BEB00017 KIOSK solutions 31