Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 3

contents 12 28 18 24 NEWS 6 ROLLABLE ZYFILM TOUCHSCREEN TECHNOLOGY 12 PX Group uses the Zytronic touch to delight Movistar customers with a touch experience on the wall as good as on their smart devices Eating out is a popular social activity, and technology has finally taken its place at the table 18 Tough weather-resistant self-service technology has the ability to drastically improve the visitor experience when used in outdoor locations TAKING CARE OF THE CUSTOMER 20 The Kiosk sector needs to focus on cost-effectively optimising the customer experience as demands and expectations rise DIGITAL KIOSKS ON THE FRONT LINE INSTANT GRATIFICATION 24 The battle of clicks vs bricks is on and retailers embracing digital have the best chance of winning 28 Self-service restaurant kiosks and the millennial generation – a match made in heaven that we could all learn from AWARD-WINNING SOLUTION ADDING TECHNOLOGY TO THE MENU 16 INTERACTIVE OUTDOOR KIOSKS 40 30 Flight Centre Travel Group sees measurable results switching to digital signage in retail stores THE JOURNEY TO A SELF-SERVICE SOCIETY 32 Designing the effective self-service technology for tomorrow requires looking at the past, present and of course the future KIOSKS ARE A SURE BET FOR CASINOS 36 Casino operators are gambling that new kiosk functions will help them provide top-notch customer service to cater to existing customers and win new ones CYBERCRIME MEETS SMART CITIES 40 kiosk system software must be utilised to prevent cyber criminals from hacking systems and public access points KIOSK solutions 3