Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 21

kiosk estate management form of financial transaction, and so the need to minimise any downtime will be particularly pressing. Plus, the great majority of kiosk manufacturers tend to focus the bulk of their energy on design and manufacture with only relatively small (if any) field teams. It follows that for such organisations responding to service issues will be costly due to limited engineer coverage and the impact on business as usual operations by having to redeploy office-based staff. Finding a solution One obvious solution is to invest in a more substantial in-house capability, but the sheer cost of installing equipment, and retaining a team of installers and maintenance engineers, for example, will always represent a significant overheads, and often isn’t a practical solution for specialist manufactures and their resellers/integrators. After all, a permanent team of people is not a flexible resource that you can scale up or down according to changing market conditions or customer demand. Added to which, there are other variable costs, such as vehicles and tools t hat need to be bought and maintained to keep everyone on the road. For many integrators and digital signage companies, the cost of employing a full-time team just isn’t viable, although the need is still there. Fortunately there are other options. One that's worth considering would be the option of operating an outsourced technical team. There are significant benefits to choosing this option for both your customers and your business. By contracting a suitably skilled technical outsourcer to do your installation and maintenance, you should be able to get nationwide instant cover. An outsourced partnership agreement should also KIOSK solutions 21