Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 20

kiosk estate management Taking care of the customer The Kiosk sector needs to focus on cost-effectively optimising the customer experience as demands and expectations rise By Neil Anderson, MD, Qcom Outsourcing, Managing an effective pre- and post-sales customer support service is one of the biggest challenges facing any organisation that manufactures or distributes technical equipment, and has responsibility for its effective service and maintenance. However, the situation is particularly sharply focused in the Kiosk sector for a number of rather specific reasons. 20 KIOSK solutions Kiosks are generally customer facing, and if they’re not working correctly there is an immediate impact on the end user. They will be inconvenienced to varying degrees and this will have consequences on both the reputation of the kiosk owner/operator, and the manufacturer. There is also the potential of significant revenue loss if the kiosk offers some