Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 15

case study model is completely different. Where the flagship store is a destination for customers, the kiosk attracts impulse purchasers. They’re located in high footfall malls, and are designed to attract passers-by to browse the Movistar range and look the full catalogue of mobile, TV, Internet and home phone services. Customers can also access their accounts and upgrade their service at these kiosks – they’re proving extremely popular. PX Group reports that visits have increased by nearly 20% in four months, and are now running at over 100,000 consultations per month. PX Group again is using leading edge technology to make using the kiosks a positive experience for the customer. Anneliese added, “We are integrating face recognition technology, so that the kiosk recognises the profile of the customer using the unit and offers appropriate goods and services.” Again, Zytronic rollable ZYFI