Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 14

case study used when applying to the substrate material. In conjunction with Zytronic’s 5ms response speed multi-touch controllers, the foils are capable of detecting over 40 simultaneous touch points through a glass thickness of at least 10mm. Mounted on the rear of a protective substrate the projected capacitive sensor is highly resilient, requiring only a one-time calibration and very little maintenance through absence of drift. This makes it an ideal and costefficient solution for use in public places throughout the year. "Zytronic’s 5ms response speed multi-touch controllers, the foils are capable of detecting over 40 simultaneous touch points through a glass thickness of at least 10mm" important requirement was to provide facilities for customers to browse the Movistar product range themselves before speaking to a customer service representative.” She continued, “we created a completely new concept for flagship Movistar stores featuring a touch video wall with three 46in or 50in touch screens allowing customers to browse while they’re waiting, as well as a kiosk with a full product catalogue using a 40in screen. The new store with the Multitouch wall is disruptive. There is no store like it anywhere else in Santiago or the rest of the country.” The design for the store and all the hardware were created by PX Group. 14 KIOSK solutions Anneliese Schemke said, “The video walls and kiosks in this premium store needed to look fantastic, and also offer a great experience for the user. Movistar offers the latest smartphones and tablets in-store, and the touch experience on the wall needed to be just as good as on the devices. We searched extensively for a touch technology that could deliver this, and identified Zytronic rollable ZYFILM Multitouch Projected Capacitive Technology (MPCT) as the solution.” Zytronic’s ZYFILM is a flexible polyester touch foil suitable for temporary, semi-permanent and permanent touch applications depending on the method of lamination Extending the concept The first stores, in Santiago, Chile and Peru are now complete, and Movistar has seen a clear increase in footfall since the new concept was installed. Interactions with the wall have doubled in the four months since the new stores were opened, showing both that the concept is attracting visitors to the store and that the walls are extremely popular with customers. Two further stores, one on the outskirts of Santiago and one in Antofagasta in Northern Chile, are being equipped with video walls. Anneliese Schemke added, “Following the success of the initial stores, Movistar would like to roll out the concept to a further 25 stores nationwide. This will mean adapting the concept – not every store can accept such a big video wall. Using Zytronic film, we are able to create touch screens of the exact size required for each store.” She continued, “In the second phase, we will also enhance the functionality supported by the video wall screens. At the moment, customers can only browse the product range using the video walls but we are looking to allow them to purchase cell phones and other products.” Enhanced kiosks At the other end of the retail spectrum, PX Group is enhancing the 50 Movistar kiosks located at malls around Chile. Anneliese Schemke said, “Here the use