Kiosk Solutions Issue 4 - Page 13

case study Since 2005, when Telefonica bought BellSouth, Movistar has been a leading mobile network in South America and now offers a range of consumer and business communications services including mobile telephony, landline service, broadband and television (satellite or IPTV, depending on the location) - in Spain and the majority of Latin America. Retail operations are crucial to Movistar’s relationships with its customers. For example, in Chile, Movistar has 68 directly owned stores throughout the country, as well as 300 concessions within larger stores. These are supplemented by 50 staffed kiosks in shopping malls. These allow customers to browse Movistar’s services under the guidance of a member of staff. Flagship store PX Group, a regional interactive retail specialist, has been the Movistar technology partner in Chile and in Peru for over ten years. They ensure that the customer experience is the best and most exciting possible, and make full use of new technologies as they become available. Their most recent project has been to refresh the network’s flagship store in Chile’s capital city, Santiago, and renew the estate of kiosks across the nation’s shopping malls. PX Group designed the store layouts and kiosks, and is building the hardware using Zytronic Projected Capacitive (PCAP) touch sensors Sales and innovation manager at PX Group, Anneliese Schemke, explained: “The Movistar store is located in a busy, upscale area of Santiago, and the network wanted to make it a destination, a place that its customers would make a special trip to visit. They asked us to create an exciting digital experience for its customers in locations that see very intensive use. These stores are exceptionally busy, and sometimes customers need to wait until a member of staff is available. An KIOSK solutions 13