Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 52

digital signage DIRECTORY DIGITAL SIGNAGE WIRELESS / CLOUD BASED Plug and play multi-site deployment Call for a free evaluation unit! Remotely manage your campaigns subjects and topics that are unrelated to your business or brand. The goal is purely to entertain customers and keep them distracted while they wait. Local trivia These questions cover topics related to your town or city. You might ask questions about the mayor, when the city was founded, and the success of local sports teams. This is ideal for small businesses who want to maintain a tight local footprint. Turn any TV into a wireless signage display Hit the ground running with Airgoo. The compact Airgoo player fits Connect the Player via WiFi or discretely at the back of the display or LAN and start scheduling with our inside a floor stand kiosk. streamlined web interface. Ultimate reliability even in confined So flexible, each content has its own spaces thanks to temperature control. schedule so you can adapt your message to your audience. Advanced features: HTML5 templates, Touch Screen Apps, Remote live view and diagnostic Wireless POS Displays Touch Catalogue Airgoo Ltd Cambridge | +44 1223 894 207 | Industry trivia These questions relate to your industry, though they may not tie back to your company specifically. For example, a pool supply company might ask questions about Olympic swimming records or beaches. Business trivia These questions focus on the business itself. The trivia asks questions about the products, people who work there, and operations. These questions help educate and sell customers on various products. You can opt for one specific type of trivia question or mix and match these different categories together. As long as your questions stay fresh, your audiences are likely to test each other on them during each visit. n 52 KIOSK solutions Reach a wider audience Reinforce your company message and reach the largest possible audience on a bi-monthly basis with a listing the Kiosk Solutions Directory. Staying one step ahead of your competitors has never been easier. For more information and to book your spot, call Ian Titchener on 01353 771464 or email