Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 49

opinion Supporting sales through service The range of service providers is wide, but not all actually provide true after service, which could dilute what you're seeking… By Steven Paul, Commercial Manager, Veritek Global – The world of digital signage and kiosk solutions has, and continues to grow at pace. Increasingly, manufacturers are seeking new ways to differentiate themselves via their hardware and technology. It’s a competitive world of choice and investment for the business buyer – ranging from basic functional level kit that will meet business needs and customer expectations, to higher- end equipment, with 4K augmented reality technologies that can truly capture and engage new customers, especially within the retail environment. So how can businesses truly differentiate, justify and demonstrate value beyond the capital investment of the hardware alone? Well, the key is often within the post-sale period. What happens when your shiny new equipment isn’t working? What brand perception does that create in the minds of your prospective new customers? How likely are you to be an advocate of that brand, be loyal to it and upgrade/buy other equipment if the response to getting it back up and running is less than optimal? Experiencing downtime of any kind in a retail or business context is unfortunately inevitable. But, it’s this moment of truth time where end-user customers can and will make conscious future decisions that will influence their later buying and retention choices. Therefore, having a trusted and reliable service solution in place that can achieve fast remote and/or on-site fixes is often cited as the unseen factor that could support greater overall brand sales growth. For resellers and distributors, having a Service partner company primed behind the scenes to provide this can truly transform the total product and value led proposition. Backing off the administration of providing service support to an outsourcer can help manufacturers focus on what they do best in terms of designing and building innovative hardware/software solutions. The distributors and resellers, in turn, can then play to their strengths by focussing time and attention on the sales of these products. At the end of the value chain, a quality led Service partner can play their part in ultimately aiding the overall winning of new business and P&L returns via: • • • • • • Negating the need to add additional service delivery headcount which may be under-utilised Providing a cost-effective way of managing ‘peak’ periods of demand Tapping into their operational tools and expertise to optimise SLA & CSAT performance The ability to extend hours coverage if needed for Helpdesk and field Service or meet challenging geographic coverage requirements Providing free and independent CSAT insights and marketing information Playing a part in the retention strategy and keeping the competition at bay It’s important to choose a service company that can reflect your brand and values; one who importantly knows and responds with speed, empathy and results during the mission-critical periods of downtime; has the proven credentials and knowledge of this kind of technolo- gy; invests and trains their teams, equip- ping them with the soft skills to manage the customer; has a sizable pool of field engineers with the geographical reach to attend quickly anywhere within the UK and one that can capture customer feed- back post fix and share that with you, together with comprehensive associated SLA and MI. n KIOSK solutions 49