Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 44

kiosk software More than simply software Exploring the top four misconceptions about kiosk system software and why it’s important to address them... By Laura Boniello Miller, Director of Business Development, KioWare Kiosk Software – The kiosk software industry must work to educate marketers, developers, and kiosk deployers on the features and benefits of kiosk software. If this doesn’t happen, the people who can most benefit from kiosk system software will continue to reinvent the wheel or purchase solutions that somewhat fill the gap but are only peripherally related. Misconceptions about kiosk system software abound, and some of the most common misconceptions are: • • • • It’s just kiosk mode software It requires a developer or an IT professional to use it GPO ‘s (Group Policy Object) or browser kiosk mode solutions do the same thing for free It’s only useful for self-service kiosks in specific environments Facts about kiosk system software Kiosk software isn’t just software used to create a secure kiosk. It’s also used for creating secure digital signage, purposed devices, mobile phones, 44 KIOSK solutions secure tablets, and public access computers. Kiosk software can be used to create a card catalogue, visitor check- in, self-service payment system, and retail point of sale. It’s all these things and more, and is often underestimated and put into a box that's limited in scope to only the most basic of kiosk software functionality. The alternatives In online technology and development communities, programmers often seek advice about setting up a kiosk or securing an application, using Active Directory or GPOs, and/or writing code that includes developing a kiosk app lockdown solution from scratch. Time is money, and developers working to create their own kiosk lockdown serve as a redundant and unnecessary waste of time. This is particularly true given that the solutions already exist, is flexible, saves time, provides security, and is more advanced than anything an individual programmer would create for a custom kiosk solution. The benefits By using kiosk system software, developers can begin the project from the halfway point, not just eliminating the need to lockdown the operating system and browser, but providing features like device integration, as well as often demanded uses and features such as digital signage deployments, mobile device management, alongside quick and easy content updating. More than meets the eye Kiosk System Software allows the developer or project deployer to start at a point that is miles ahead of those developing a secure application or website experience from scratch. It has extensive flexibility, so it can be used for different projects based on the specifications needed. Many see kiosk system software as simply a way to secure a website or application into a kiosk environment. True, it is that, but it's also so much more than this… • Kiosk software is browser lockdown • It’s a device integrator