Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 37

digital signage 100 meters wide using clever LED tiles. The tiles mesh seamlessly together on a framework and are then programmed to display custom designed images. Used to great effect in stadiums, high streets and exhibitions around the world, large-scale digital signage is constantly improving in quality and reliability, and is always impressive to behold. Use sound In-store advertising and signage are usually silent. This is usually because most OOH environments are too noisy to hear much additional sound, and generally trying to advertise in the same way as on TV and radio would feel intrusive. 5 There are times, however, where sound can enhance digital signage; adding accessibility for the blind or partially sighted, or creating an attention-grabbing noise as a novelty. In the right context, it’s easy to add sound to digital signage and use it to great effect. Internal communications Digital signage isn’t just for advertising, it can be a vital way of sharing information in the workplace. It can be used to display company updates, welcome messages to visitors and share information. Not to mention, staff who don’t have regular access to an office PC can be kept up to date with important and useful company information. n 6 KIOSK solutions 37