Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 36

digital signage While they wait at the till the large format LED wall shows fun content to encourage sharing with friends. Finally, on departure, the double-sided screens at the entrance thank them for their visit. The technology exists to enhance this further with targeted messaging according to gender, age or even what brand of trainers they’re wearing! This type of content management system gives you the best opportunity for success with your digital transformation. when products are picked up or moved and display corresponding information at eye level. Interactive options then allow customers to click through to find out more or even request for their size to be brought straight to them. As we’ve seen this year with Amazon Go in London, RFID can also be deployed widely across the estate to allow till-free shopping and using this same technology means products only need one type of tag to allow for a wide range of interactive functions. Product information Advances in RFID and NFC mean that digital signage knows what customers are interested in. Sensors placed on shelves and hangers detect Bigger and bolder Why settle for a plain wall or static image? Digital screens are getting bigger and better – it’s now possible to display advertising on bespoke screens over 3 36 KIOSK solutions 4