Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 34

digital signage Six uses for digital signage Digital signage is everywhere and we’re now so used to seeing screens displaying information it’s almost unusual to see static advertising By Evoke – These days consumers expect to see screens wherever they look. Whether it’s digital menu boards, digital ordering screens or digital escalator screens; retail, hospitality, restaurants and airports all rely on digital images to display their adverts and information. While we’re now used to these everyday digital signs (London’s Picadilly Circus went fully digital in 2011), the next generation of digital signage is smarter and more useful than ever. Here are some clever ways to incorporate digital signage into your digital strategy: 1 Interactive Mirror Retailers use up lots of wall and 34 KIOSK solutions floor space for customers to check how they look in the mirror. So why not make the space multi-function? You can now create a kiosk or digital signage with a bespoke mirror finish, switching seamlessly between the reflective glass and a beautiful interactive screen. These screens come into their own in changing rooms where an interactive mirror can also be used to make requests for alternative sizes, items that coordinate or even post a selfie to invite opinions from friends. Apply narratives Digital signage works best as part of a cohesive multichannel strategy. Linking website to mobile to in-store 2 is now possible, making digital signage a core part of the customer journey. In-store, responsive digital signage can guide and influence customers from entry through to payment and then departure providing consistent messaging at every step. Consider your high-bright window screens displaying a welcome message as customers approach. Wayfinding screens at the entrance provide clear information about how to find what they’re looking for. At the shelf edge, screens display product information according to what products they pick up and browse. In the lift or on the escalators, shoppers see features on new product ranges or special offers.