Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 33

SEE US AT THE RETAIL EXPO STAND 5B09 BUILD THE BEST KIOSK AND SIGNAGE SOLUTIONS. WITH IIYAMA’S PROFESSIONAL TOUCH SCREENS AND DISPLAYS. iiyama’s touch screens are designed for maximum flexibility and seamless integration with the Open Frame mounting holes, foam seal, long-lasting operating times and landscape, portait, face-up orientation. They are engineered with tough edge-to-edge glass and PCAP multi-touch technology, offering a seamless end effortless operation for many years to come. With iiyama’s all-new high brightness 10-series digital signage displays featuring brightness up to 3000 cd/m², a non-blackening IPS M+ LED panel, 4K graphics, continuous operating time (24/7) and landscape/portrait orientation you can be sure your content is sunlight readable and can withstand direct sunlight without blackening. The 50-series large format displays are ideal for businesses that are looking for a professional digital signage display with 4K graphics, continous operating time, DisplayPort, Daisy Chain and landscape/portrait orientation. Available in sizes from 10 up to 98 inch. 15 SERIES True flat PCAP touch displays with bezel-less design to fulfill various applications and requirements. Ideal solution for kiosks integrators, inudtrial environments, control rooms, interactive multimedia. 15’’ 10’’ TF1015MC-B1/B2 38 SERIES 31.5” TF2738MSC-B1 TF2415MC-B1/B2 TF3238MSC-B1AG 42.5” TF3238MSC-B1AG 48.5” TF4938UHSC-B1AG Professional Digital Signage Displays with 24/7 operating time and 2500-3000 cd/m² brightness. Ideal solution for businesses oriented on capturing audience’s attention in even brightest of places. 55” 75” LH5510HSHB-B1 50 SERIES TF2215MC-B1/B2 23.8’’ Stylish edge-to-edge PCAP touch displays for aesthetically demanding users. Ideal solution for instore retail, digital signage and interactive presentations. 27” 10 SERIES TF1515MC-B1/B2 21.5’’ LH7510USHB-B1 Professional Digital Signage displays with a 24/7 operating time, 4K UHD resolution and a landscape/portrait orientation. Ideal solution for instore retail, digital signage and interactive presentations. 50” LH5050UHS-B1 55” LH5550UHS-B1 65” LH6550UHS-B1