Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 30

interview cashier-assisted checkouts and the queuing that accompanies it. Tech-savvy millennials want to use these cutting-edge technologies that self-serve offers. Furthermore, older generations are accepting and adopting these technologies at accelerating rates. Consumers like to be in control of their shopping experience and find self-serve a great option. In addition to the cost savings for the business owner when combined with the greater customer satisfaction rates, it will elevate the self-service kiosk industry to dizzying heights. Can kiosk industry companies afford to specialise? Kiosk companies must do both in order to survive and thrive. No single kiosk model will be successful across different industries and verticals, while specialising on one vertical only will make the kiosk company more susceptible to competitive threats. Diversification with a degree of specialisation in each vertical will be necessary to make the kiosk adaptable to that environment and the business needs of that particular vertical. Certain commonalities can ensure cost savings across all of the kiosk company units such as processors, RAM and SSD size, thus enabling easier servicing while achieving economies of scale. 5 What does the kiosk of tomorrow look like? The kiosk of tomorrow will follow 6 30 KIOSK solutions the same route EPOS has over the years, becoming thinner and more powerful. However, kiosks will create more touchpoints with consumers that will bring personalisation to the highest levels through more targeted marketing and promotions. AI will become commonplace with predictive behaviours enhancing the customer experience. Consumer biometric logons, facial recognition and accepting multiple e-wallets will be the norm and the expected standard. How is IOResource keeping abreast of current and future industry developments? We were one of the first companies to promote and supply self-serve checkouts and kiosks, and being an early adopter has benefitted us and our resellers greatly. Having key relationships with our resellers who serve the majority of high street retailers; from blue chip to speciality independents, we are at the leading edge of predicting future trends and requirements in self-service. Our suite of products includes the NCR self serve checkouts/kiosks, R6N and SS90. These hardware platforms combined with NCR Fastlane is a very winning combination in key verticals. Posiflex TK series, Aures Jazz SSCO and the new Posbank range of kiosks have enhanced our product set and helped us to support our partners in an even more diverse range of markets. n 7