Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 3

contents 12 18 22 NEWS HOW WILL AI CHANGE RETAIL? 32 6 12 Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that retailers can employ to ensure in-store visitors are getting the best possible customer experience  HIGH-PERFORMANCE 14 16 Simon Martin, Director & General Manager at Star Micronics tells us how the kiosk industry looks from the point of view of a kiosk printing specialist JUST THE TICKET 18 Zytronic and TouchMate produced a front-of-house solution to simplify and expedite guest services for Australian cinemas SERVING THE UNDERBANKED 20 24 Coffee vending machine company doozy shows that cashless vending is the future... EXPERTISE ACROSS VERTICALS SIX USES FOR DIGITAL SIGNAGE UI DESIGN FOR KIOSK SOFTWARE A blend of specialisation and diversification is one way the self-service industry can weather the inevitable storms of the future 38 Kiosk software design isn’t just a matter of enabling touch on your application – it’s about making sure you create the most touch-friendly UI possible ALL IN THE DATA 42 Smart City projects are growing at a phenomenal rate, driven largely by the introduction of intelligent technologies including self-service kiosks 44 Exploring the top four misconceptions about kiosk system software and why it’s important to address them... SUPPORTING SALES THROUGH SERVICE 48 The range of service providers is wide, but not all actually provide true after service, which could dilute what you're seeking… ENGAGE & ENTERTAIN 28 34 Digital signage is everywhere and we’re now so used to seeing screens displaying information it’s almost unusual to see static advertising MORE THAN SIMPLY SOFTWARE A bill payment kiosk improves revenue, reduces labour costs and helps the under and unbanked, but only if deployed correctly… A NEW LOVE AFFAIR 36 50 Why you should use digital trivia to supplement your in-store marketing strategy to increase customer satisfaction... DIRECTORY KIOSK solutions 3