Kiosk Solutions Issue 19 - Page 2

Event Sponsors y dustr in k s io k e h t r o f t d even e t a ic d e d ly n o ’s e Europ Stay ahead of the curve Develop your business Make new contacts Drive sales forward Strengthen relationships Discover new products See what’s new in the industry and stay up to date with latest innovations Find new business partners and network with your customers and other exhibitors Catch up with your current suppliers and meet new ones, all in a single day Find ways of saving money and developing your business in a rapidly growing industry Establish high quality leads and meet potential buyers face-to-face Witness the launch of new products and services directly to the marke t Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London N1 0QH October 2019 For exhibitor information contact Ian Titchener 01353 771464 |