Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 7

news KioWare for Windows Kiosk System Software now supports facial recognition KioWare for Windows version 8.16 is now available with support for Omron’s Facial Recognition Device. It also now allows for the transferring files from connected phones or tablets to the kiosk. Both KioWare Basic & KioWare Full for Windows support the Omron Facial Recognition Device and Omron Multi-sensor Device. Facial recognition technology can be used to estimate a user’s age, facial expression (such as anger, happiness, neutral, sadness, and surprise), facial identity, gender, and more. When used with KioWare, the kiosk can serve different content based on predefined characteristics and behaviours. This technology can be used with kiosk applications tied to identification databases. Facial technologies can be used to serve individualised content based on a user’s identity, to provide security, or to create a personalised experience for users based on facial characteristics. The newly supported Omron Multi-sensor Device stores temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, light intensity, sound noise, acceleration, ETVOC, and other environmental information. This information is particularly useful for outdoor kiosk deployments, water park (indoor or outdoor) deployments, and other non- temperature or humidity-controlled environments. Device support has also been added for the FEIG Electronic OBID RFID reader, the new STAR Printer API, Practical Automation’s Wide Format Printers, and more. Version 8.16 of KioWare for Windows (Lite, Basic, & Full) adds support for mobile devices in the drive browser system. This allows users to transfer files to the kiosk directly from their mobile device, rather than requiring the use of a USB drive. Plus, there are many more additional new features. APT Skidata launches new streamlined parking solution for hotels and leisure facilities APT Skidata has launched the new Lite.UI, a modular solution that allows optional barriers and columns to be networked and controlled via the web or through a single platform. As a visitor arrives on site, a barcoded ticket is dispensed on a roll from the stylish column that can then be scanned or alternatively, in a ticketless environment the license plate details are captured. At the reception the length of stay is confirmed and then on exit, the ticket or license plate is read. Visitors are able to come and go as many times as they wish during their stay without the need to take additional tickets or register their details again. Payment can be taken directly by the venue, or where required, money handling options are available. Pete Brown, Managing Director of APT Skidata, said the streamlined parking management solution is both simple to install and operate, “Operators gain all of the benefits of our proven technology without having to make a significant investment and are able to customise the system to meet their precise requirements.” He added: “It enables hotels and other similar operators to give their visitors a better customer experience, while also preventing parking from being exploited. This is especially useful for sites near railway stations, airports and city centres, where the lack of adequate parking controls can leave their sites open to abuse.” KIOSK solutions 7