Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 4

Restaurant Order Automation by Pyramid Visit us booth # 4545 booth # 5B19 The ideal solution for order input queue busting & table service The bespoke order kiosk, polytouch ® 32 passport, can be equipped with a thermal printer, 2D scanner, chip & pin payment device, NFC reader and an automatic puck dispenser. The automatic puck dispenser unit accommodates the storage and dis- tributing of the pucks for the real-time guest locator, called ATON, which en- ables accurate table service for QSR outlets. With ATON, Pyramid is introducing an unparalleled, highly accurate RTLS (Real-Time Locating System) for Hospitality and Retail. ATON and its hard- and software components enable your organization to intro- duce location relevant services and statistics. Intelligent queuing, order management and comfort services like table service make guests feel better and innovates your business. Unlike other Bluetooth BLE based beaconing solutions, ATON measure exact location of a smartphone or IoT devices by angle which results in a 10 inch positioning accuracy. Step 1: Order process Order Pay Take the puck Step 2: Communication Smartphone or puck send signals Receivers locate smartphone or puck Step 3: Real-time locating & table service The position of the guest is localised The order is brought to the table To fi nd out more: ort www.pyramid-comp www.pyramid-comp Pyramid Computer GmbH · Boetzinger Strasse 60 · 79111 Freiburg · Germany · Phone +49 761 4514 792 · ·