Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 37

advertorial To differentiate ourselves within several self-service industries, the group can provide the following offerings: • • • Client-specific custom kiosk designs including software stacks and E2E services provided organically or through our ecosystem partners. Modular standard kiosk and POS systems sold through distributors (1 st Tier) and ISVs (2 nd Tier), including the group’s portfolio offerings such as digital signage players, gateways and displays etc. Bullet point 3: “Embedded hardware systems, either fully custom and private labelled (DMS – Design and Manufacturing Services – business model), as well as standard embedded board and system level products. Some practical examples include store server solutions, surveillance kits and gateways.” What motivated you to join the Posiflex Group? Joining the Posiflex Group as Chief Strategy Officer allows me to influence the synergy between all Posiflex Group brands. Global executive/managerial experience, including technological leadership positions in North America, Asia and Europe, will facilitate market share growth in the European and global markets. Ultimately, the leadership team is striving for growth by elevating the group´s value proposition as a PaaS player within the targeted eco-systems. What are you looking to achieve within the next three years? My aims are to establish the Posiflex Group’s presence in Europe and gain market share, facilitate efficient business growth and create new innovative business models on a global scale. As CSO, I also aim to continuously advance the architectural synergies among the group’s several brands and maximise strategic leverage points. What's your business strategy for KIOSK in the European Market? We’ll provide customised kiosk solutions where high-volume opportunities justify the approach. For smaller opportunities, we’ll lean on the standardised kiosks offered by KIOSK and Posiflex where minor configuration changes can address most transaction functionality demands. KIOSK has mature hardware, software and services already, but hasn’t historically had an outlet to compete in Europe. By working closely with the European team, we’re confident the KIOSK brand will gain the desired traction relatively quickly thanks to having local feet on the ground. Our strategy for Europe will be to first position the value proposition of the Posiflex Group’s portfolio of brands (Posiflex, KIOSK and Portwell/Ganlot/ MEDWEL) in the European market. Then, we will build the organisational and operations set up. There are clear opportunities to increase group efficiencies by combining services, logistics, overheads and shared gross profit margins. Furthermore, we intend to position the group with a unique customer solution value proposition, as we can tailor the elements of our solution/ technology portfolio with our ecosystem partners around the world. How do you plan to replicate the Posiflex/KIOSK success in Europe? We’re initially targeting existing KIOSK customers from North America who are interested in expanding their businesses in the European markets. KIOSK has many customers with global demand, who can be serviced from both Europe and Taiwan. KIOSK’s mature customisation process is now supported with a global manufacturing and service infrastructure, which enables the group to compete at a new level internationally. Posiflex has high mastery of standardised products paired with mature global distribution, which provides a strong competitive edge in kiosk channel growth. Finally, cooperative hardware and software development resources will reduce global time to market. For more information: SalesEurope@ or KIOSK solutions 37