Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 35

case study FE15 cabinets. The installation was managed and conducted by Delta and Visual Technology using a frame supplied by Btech and delivered the required precision, with components preconfigured at the factory, thus saving a lot of time during final assembly. The main components of the two frames were assembled on-site before they were then fixed to the wall with heavy-duty screws to ensure that they were flush with the cabinet walls. A requirement of Hanover Rück was that the video walls and cabinets looked harmoniously connected. It was the first time that Roland Fis- cher had installed a video wall solution from Delta, and it was also the first time that the LED cabinets were used in conjunction with a standard frame substructure. But everything fitted together seamlessly and operated and functioned smoothly. The duration of the project was only five weeks, from the commission to installation, and the calibration of the video walls was undertaken at night, as it had to take place under uniform brightness conditions that couldn’t be guaranteed during the day. n KIOSK solutions 35