Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 33

case study Since it was founded in 1966, Hanover Rück has become the fourth largest reinsurer in the world. With around 3,300 employees and 140 subsidiaries, branches and representative offices, the company is represented worldwide. Its strong market position requires leading-edge and optimally equipped conference and meeting rooms. While on the one hand, the rooms must offer the highest levels of current technical level excellence, on the other they must also be flexible enough to easily accommodate future developments. Delivering bright brilliance One of the largest conference rooms in Hanover Rück’s main office is now equipped with two video walls, comprising LED modules from Delta. The company responsible for the installation was ROFI AV Media System House, and the company has already equipped several conference and meeting rooms for Hanover Rück or modernised them with touch displays. To be effective, large conference rooms require presentation areas with a lot of space and light, so the displayed contents are clearly visible even for those seated in the back rows. The two video walls from Delta have a screen size of 137.5in, which corresponds to an area of about 3x1.71m. Roland Fischer, Managing Director of ROFI AV Mediensystemhaus, ordered the Delta LED cabinets, Delta Full HD FE15, from AV specialists, Luxion. In addition, four Delta DC-600 controllers are used to position the content exactly on the video wall. The Fine Pitch Indoor LED modules of the FE series are characterised by excellent KIOSK solutions 33