Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 31

programmatic advertising Programmatic advantages Time The process of buying advertising was totally manual and time-consuming. To advertise now as well as being an easier process, is also much simpler, through real-time auctioning (RTB) thus removing the complexity that previously existed. RTB enables the automation of purchasing functions as it provides the ability to purchase inventory based on impressions and users. Reducing costs Programmatic advertising is increasingly being used, also by optimising the investment, thus reducing the dispersion of advertising costs. All this, also due to the automation of processes, directing the advertiser to the relevant target audience. Programmatic advertising offline It’s foolish to think that program advertising is limited to online only. Nowadays, it can and has also reached the offline market, for example, through digital billboards (DOOH). DOOH programmatic advertising has the following advantages: • It offers greater efficiency in the expenses for the brands because it is possible to segment the micro-public • Facilitates workflow • Gives OOH (out of home) advertising professionals the right to program on digital and potentially leverage digital budgets Targeting In addition to cost-effective advertising, programmatic advertising allows audience reach across multiple locations in a single purchase. In this way, it’s possible to identify the most relevant characteristics of the target audience and use these insights in order to reach the consumer in a personalised way. Results It’s now possible, through this tool, to exchange and try out different creative media, parts, channels, techniques, targeting strategies and analyse. This allows the optimisation of campaigns and thus, realise what works best. The biggest advantages of programmatic advertising are that campaigns can be customised according to browsing profile, age, gender, purchase intention and location etc. Advertisers decide how much they want to pay for impressions and can avoid dispersion of ads in places of disinterest and random sites alongside analysis of actual and specific data. KIOSK solutions 31