Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 30

programmatic advertising are generated in real-time, which makes the purchase process faster, easier and ultimately more efficient. advertising works through the automation of buying and selling processes, which consists of: Changing perceptions Programmatic advertising has become the new standard and represents the bulk of the digital display advertising that is bought and sold in major markets, including the UK and US. Programmatic technology allows for highly detailed online and offline data to display ads. This situation benefits not only the advertiser but also the consumer, who receives a totally relevant experience because he watches and sees what really interests him/her. Understanding human relationships is an ongoing process, there is no formula that dictates the most effective way to impact the consumer. Impressive experiences are almost always positive for the client. Creating positive experiences will ensure that the target audience always wants to revive them. • Choose an audience • Define the investment to make an impact • Search for sites and places where the target audience is present • Smart and well-researched advertising spaces, just when the target audience is online How does it work? Briefly and simply, programmatic 30 KIOSK solutions Programmatic advertising thus allows the purchase of different spaces/inventories such as displays, videos, social, mobile, etc. In addition to leading to other forms of trading in two distinct models: • Reserved – negotiating through a DSP (demand-side platform) that uses data from the data management platform (DMP) to find the most suitable audience for the advertiser (private deal or Private ad exchange). • Not reserved – inventory within the ad exchange that anyone with access to a DSP can buy