Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 3

contents 12 18 22 NEWS BOOST RESPONSE WITH TABLETS 32 6 12 38 PERFECTLY ALIGNED 32 Videowalls from Delta ensure the future is always in the present at Hannover Rück Why your survey isn’t working: how to troubleshoot your lukewarm results and heat up response rates SHAPING THE FUTURE OF IOT SERVICED RETAIL TOP FIVE BENEFITS OF DIGITAL SIGNAGE 14 Following the acquisitions of KIOSK and Portwell, the CSO of the Posiflex Group discusses his goals Digital signage is transforming retail and hospitality: how digital signage can improve your business SAVING TIME & MONEY MILLENNIALS LOVE CASH 18 Under the leadership of VP of Operations Todd McCall, Rubicon General Contractors leverage kiosk technology to improve the construction process AHEAD OF THE CURVE 22 SUCCESSFUL COMMUNICATION 28 38 Making assumptions about millennials has led some incorrect conclusions THE ART OF RETAIL Is your restaurant ready to compete both now and in the future to give customers what they want? 36 42 How to successfully scale your store of the future with the right technology for the retail landscape FUTURE-READY 46 As we thrust headfirst into 2019, experts from Frank Mayer and Associates look back how retail changed in 2018 Programmatic advertising: what it is, how it works and how it can be used to create positive experiences for the target audience KIOSK solutions 3