Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 25

restaurant technology party delivery services can be a great revenue draw for restaurants; opening the door to customers you wouldn’t have served before. However, like any other expenditure, operators have to determine the profitability of these services. A future-ready restaurant will have the solutions in place to monitor their margins with third parties and decide if it’s worth the expense. You may find it pays to deploy a solution that enables online ordering directly from your own website. You’ve determined what systems you can combine Restaurant software is much more advanced than it was just five or 10 years ago. And you may have as many as 10 to 15 systems performing a variety of functions such as facilitating your loyalty program, table management and kitchen display integration. Future-ready restaurants are deciding which systems they can combine. The solutions available today are multifunctional and can allow you to reduce the need for so many systems, 5 and once combined, extracting and analysing data from different parts of your business is a much simpler process. You’re EMV pay-at-the-table technology ready EMV pay-at-the-table technology combines the best of two worlds. EMV technology is the gold standard for chip-based credit and debit transaction processing. EMV cards are embedded with microprocessing chips that create a one-time-only transaction code that can’t be duplicated. This makes them much more secure and can save you from fraudulent card-present transactions. Pay-at- the-table technology allows servers to accept payments using a mobile device. Customers’ cards never leave customers’ sight, and it streamlines the checkout process. Plus, pre-configured options on the screen make tipping fast and easy for customers. With EMV and pay-at-the-table capabilities, you’ll be able to offer your customers fast, convenient, secure experiences when it’s time to settle the bill. n 6 KIOSK solutions 25