Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 24

restaurant technology Pay-at-the-table technology allows servers to accept payments using a mobile device. Customers’ cards never leave customers’ sight inputting data and other information in duplicates — and where’s the efficiency in that? Your technology should be conducive to allowing data entry to only take place at one point — while still being accessible across all systems. Your POS system is built to 3 perform POS functions well It’s important to select a point of sale system that’s successful with fewer necessary features, rather than opting for one with ‘everything’, including features that are unnecessarily housed 24 KIOSK solutions in the POS. For example, items related to accounting should be kept separate. The POS system doesn’t need to store invoice data. That’s a function that should only be processed and paid in accounting. You make informed decisions about third-party delivery and online ordering services Online ordering is the wave of the future, and future-ready restaurants are prepared to capitalise on it. Consumers have quickly turned to delivery apps to find all their favourite restaurants. Third- 4