Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 23

restaurant technology Is your restaurant ready to compete both now and in the future to give customers what they want? By Touch Dynamic – Technology continues to evolve at an exponentially faster pace. With each evolution, though, restaurants are gaining more and more efficiencies, uncovering hidden profits, and making more informed business decisions. To position your restaurant competitively you need to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the experiences consumers desire and deploying the tech solutions that will deliver them. So, do you have a future-ready restaurant? Here’s how to tell… You’re informed about your vendors’ plan for upgrades A future-ready restaurant has flexible technology. Times change. It’s important that your point of sale (POS) and back- office systems can do the same. That starts with your solution vendors, so your technology partners should have a roadmap – both for the short term and long term – that shows how they will upgrade their solutions to keep up 1 with industry changes. Also, ask them if they have avenues for customisation or enhancement requests. If your business needs change before the next release, you want to be sure that your software can quickly adapt. Similarly, find out what the update schedule looks like with your vendor. Some may only update every 12-18 months. That may have been acceptable in years past, but it won’t set you up to be a future-ready restaurant. Instead, aim for something in the three-month range, which will allow you to keep your tech on the cutting edge. Your technology vendors are partnered with each other Another facet of gaining the flexibility your business craves is having technology partners that work well together. Every piece of tech and software in your business should integrate and ‘talk’ to one another. Without this, you’ll find that you’re 2 KIOSK solutions 23