Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 20

case study simultaneously and collaboratively. Rubicon purchased the I&E Kiosk stand which allows for the use of more delicate machinery in a rough environment. The kiosks need to withstand the extreme temperatures and rugged conditions encountered on active job sites. For software, the kiosk is running the PlanGrid construction productivity app secured with KioWare Lite for Windows kiosk system software for lockdown and security of the kiosk. Todd McCall discussed their ‘super tablet’ with the PlanGrid team: “We’ve created a new device on our projects to bring the whole team together – a portable and durable project team hub that any of our internal or external project teammates can use. The idea behind the device is to connect everyone on the team from the project engineers and the property manager to our superintendents and all our subcontractors. In addition to accessing PlanGrid, it can easily access the current status of documents and inspections 20 KIOSK solutions from the City of Tampa Permitting Department (Florida, US.). With the touch of a button, you can access other convenient functions such as a virtual sketch pad if you’re trying to illustrate something.” Collaborative working With this portable kiosk, teams can easily open a drawing and pour over its details together. Secured with the KioWare kiosk lockdown app, the R.O.K. is reliable, secure, and readily available for team members. Without KioWare kiosk system software, the device would be a nightmare to maintain and it would be difficult to regulate and restrict usage. KioWare prohibits every function other than what the Rubicon team has configured to allow. Having a kiosk on-site with up-to- date blueprints and documents reduces the time it takes to make sure that information is distributed appropriately and that the documents being reviewed are the most current.