Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 15

PC Tablet SiteCaster Terminal Kiosk Display The SiteKiosk Content Management System The Kiosk Content Management System (CMS) that puts Digital Signage front and center! Create and publish your interactive content to displays, tablets, or kiosk terminals - no matter if they run Windows or Android. SiteCaster: Easy but powerful! Provides examples and templates based on real-life projects 30 day free s t r ur Extensive user rights management for your projects Displays web-content, PDF, video, images, etc. w Integrated standard widgets for weather, time and date Web-based user interface (Cloud / On Premises) ww m . p r o v i si o. c o Supports multiple pages with navigation and display conditions We also provide help with creating your project or extended functions like “Lift & Learn” or “Remote Navigation” by customization on demand. Use SiteKiosk as display software for Windows or Android. Any questions? Please ask!