Kiosk Solutions Issue 18 - Page 10

news KT Terminals wins court judgment KT Group, a Hong Kong-based kiosk manufacturer obtained jury verdicts in the Southern District of New York in its nearly 4-year quest for vindication against NCR Corpo- ration, a publicly traded Fortune 500 company, with the assistance of New York-based law firm Gar- son, Segal, Steinmetz, Fladgate. The case centred on the design of the SelfServ 90 or SS90, NCR’s award-winning flagship card only self-checkout kiosk which can be seen in Tesco stores in the UK, Muji in Japan, Globus in Russia, SPAR in Europe and airports across the United States. The jury found that NCR was liable for using or disclosing the mechanical drawings provided by KT under the presumed blan- ket of confidence provided by the non-disclosure agreements and used it for its own benefit. Moreover, the jury also found NCR liable for misappropriating the me- chanical drawings of KT and in so doing, GS2Law proved to the jury that the NCR team, led by Dusty Lutz, the head of NCR’s retail store transformation division, acted with bad faith. NCR advanced its multiple de- fences including that the non-dis- closure agreements permitted harvesting of information for its own use, and that standard terms and conditions in NCR’s purchase order in its supplier system super- seded the agreements. GS2Law demonstrated that the defences did not hold water. This is a rare case where a small company has managed to bring a large corpora- tion to task over its dishonestly. n 10 KIOSK solutions KioWare for Chrome OS released Analytical Design Solutions Inc. (ADSI) has released a new product to se- cure the Chrome Operating System. KioWare for Chrome OS is a kiosk application used with Chrome OS Kiosk Mode to secure the Chrome Operating System and activate additional interac- tive kiosk features. Users with the Chrome operating system activate ‘Chrome Kiosk Mode’ on their device. They then add the KioWare for Chrome OS kiosk applica- tion to provide additional features and security not available using Chrome OS kiosk mode alone. • • • • • • • • KioWare Lite for Chrome OS fea- tures include: Attract screens pop up window control Domain/Page list blocking User session management Tabbed browsing File download blocking Clear private browser data Custom toolbar skins KioWare software locks down your device into a secure interactive kiosk, now available for Windows, Android, & Chrome operating systems. n Ultima Displays introduces its most versatile display stand to date Modulate, a brand new, reconfigurable, multi-purpose range of tubular frames designed to increase the flexibility of display stands, is the latest product to be launched by Ultima Displays. Combining the best features of two of Ultima Displays’ most re- nowned and successful product lines, Formulate and Modular Vector, Mod- ulate consists of a set of frames made from 30mm diameter aluminium tubes covered with a printed textile tension graphic connected using pow- erful magnets inside each frame. “Modulate is one of the most versatile and effective solutions on the market and we are delighted to expand our offering with this unique family of products,” said Andy Jakes, Product Manager at Ultima Displays. “We are constantly looking for innovative and original ways to offer our customers the very best display solutions in the industry. Formulate and Modular Vector are two of our most popular ranges and our new collection enables our customers to take advantage of the best components of both.” Modulate is characterised by the lightweight, durable features of Formulate while maintaining Modular Vector’s strong visual impact and versatile, creative designs. The different Modulate frames can be reconfigured to create a solution for any requirement or setting, from boardrooms to company receptions, sales outlets to shopping centres, and exhibition venues to trade shows. Eleven aluminium tubular frames in different shapes and sizes comprise the Modulate collection. These can be used alone or combined to create hundreds of possible configurations. The magnetic connectors enable each structure to extend the elevation by an extra 40cm so customers can use the same frame at two heights. Each frame comes with a 5-year hardware warranty, a carry bag with dedicated slots for feet and graphics.