Kiosk Solutions Issue 17 - Page 44

biometric technology The future of kiosks How biometrics are at the heart of improving the kiosk experience now and in the future… By Laura Boniello Miller, Business Development & Marketing, Kioware – Defining biometric technology, biometric sensors are used in reading fingerprints, iris’, faces, voices, etc. These sensors convert a person’s biometric measurements into an electrical signal or profile. There are multiple methods for utilising biometrics on kiosks, some biometric kiosk integrations are already in deployment or testing, others are in the early stages of product development, and others still, not even conceptualised. So, how biometric technology can be used to improve the kiosk experience? 44 KIOSK solutions Biometrics can be used to improve the customer experience through personali- zation or handicap accessibility. They can be used to capture information about a person, store it, and then recall that information when a user is recognised in subsequent visits. In short, biometrics can make the kiosk smarter, more acces- sible, and more secure. Utilising biometric sensors There are four primary methods in which biometrics are either currently being used on kiosks or being prototyped for use in future deployments. One usage for biometric technology is the case of identity recognition for kiosk application security. If the kiosk is running an application that should only be accessed by specific users, or if the application