Kiosk Solutions Issue 17 - Page 32

outdoor kiosks Visibility come All weather displays battle the elements to provide self-service convenience in a range of outdoor settings By Keith Dutch, Managing Director EMEA, Peerless-AV – From the beginning, a major barrier to outdoor display integration was the inability to use a conventional flat panel display anywhere outside a climate-con- trolled environment. Not only did they lack the ability to survive extreme temperatures, but they were unable to withstand rain, humidity, snow, dirt, in- sects or anything else nature threw at it. High heat shortens component lifespans. Cold impacts how an LCD works as well as expands and distorts display frames. Fluctuating temperatures, like a cool night warmed by the morning sun, create condensation that can easily short out the electronics. The glare of sunlight affects the ability to deliver a crisp, clear picture that's easily viewed. In short, some serious drawbacks. Bulky and expensive sealed metal enclosures were subsequently introduced but, as these needed additional heaters and air con units, 32 KIOSK solutions