Kiosk Solutions Issue 17 - Page 28

opinion Clean kiosks Kiosk cleanliness is a significant factor in ensuring peak performance and maximum uptime By Olea Kiosks – All too often, deployers look at interactive kiosks as a sort of ‘set it and forget it’ device, paying little attention to the units once they’ve been placed. If the units are performing as expected, why rock the boat? A kiosk that’s doing its job can free staff up to perform more complicated tasks, speed up operations and result in increased revenue. 28 KIOSK solutions Failing to give a kiosk a bit of love every now and then, however, can lead to heartbreak down the road. Left unattended, the units can get dirty, inadvertently turning off potential users and creating an impression that can transfer to other aspects of the business. If a self-order kiosk in a restaurant lobby is filthy, what does that say about the kitchen? In addition, with every user interacting with the same touchscreen, is that device serving as a transfer point for all types of nasty bugs? Is it any wonder that major supermarkets provide antibacterial wipes for their customers to wipe down