Kiosk Solutions Issue 13 - Page 33

kiosk software How do I lock down my application, website or software solution for self-service deployments? By Laura Boniello Miller, Business Development & Marketing, Kioware – Kiosk projects can vary significantly in their intended goals, existing budget, and level of technical resources available. So, when initiating a kiosk deployment, organisers typically find themselves identifying with one of the following scenarios: 1. I already have an application, website, or solution. I want it to work on a kiosk, now what? 2. I need to accept payments or include barcode/RFID (or other external devices) etc. How do I integrate? 3. I want to manage and monitor my kiosks remotely. What software can help? 4. I don’t have an app or solution, and I need someone to write and secure it into a kiosk environment. In each of the above scenarios, there comes a time where the prospective kiosk deployer must decide if there’s an existing solution that can help. They either want to purchase kiosk system software built for creating kiosk environments, or wonder whether they should try to develop a level of the lockdown kiosk environment themselves. The next steps for the kiosk deployer seem to vary based on the stage of the project: • • The deployer may already have a hardware provider in mind and therefore may ask for assistance in finding the remaining piece or pieces for their kiosk project. There could be an application or solution available for purchase with • some lockdown or kiosk features built-in. In this case, the deployer may think they have everything they need to successfully secure their kiosk. The application or website may be built internally, and the internal team may have the skills to attempt to sufficiently lock down the device. Deployers can conduct a search to find an existing solution, like kiosk system software, that includes the necessary lockdown features and/or provide the instructions for how deployers can do this themselves. Searches are typically conducted via browser search engines, message boards, and/or social media requests for recommendations. It’s typical for deployers to quickly identify kiosk system software as the perfect solution to fill their software needs. The more complex the project feature set required, the more likely the search then becomes one for the appropriate best kiosk system software. While deployers often make the choice to purchase kiosk system software to provide security and reliability, there’s a point at which some question whether they can just do it themselves. When making this determination, organisations must discuss the following: 1. Does the internal team, or the application development team who developed the app, have the right skills to secure a device into a self-service kiosk? Will they ۜY\H[H HXX[]\HX\]BH[ ܈X\[’S][ۜ