Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 9 Inclusion - Page 4

Caitriona comes with great experience in FET and played a central role in the development of the National FET 5 year strategy and plan. We look forward to her joining our team. Congratulations to both our Directors. The final post, Director of Organisation and Development, remains vacant and will be re-advertised by the Public Appointments Service in November this year.

Finally on staffing matters we are heading into a challenging period of unrest in some of our schools with ASTI industrial action imminent. I appeal to all staff to be supportive and mindful of your colleagues and management during this time. I hope and trust that matters will be resolved quickly through productive negotiation at national level.

Building projects are always of interest and the Corporate Services Department have outlined current buildings projects on an interactive map of both counties on page 25 of the magazine. We have some massive projects in the pipeline that will vastly improve the learning environments in our schools and centres. We will aim to keep you updated through your school/centre management as the year goes by.

We have a lot of activity in the training side of the house. I particularly wish to congratulate the Outdoor Education Centre in Baltinglass who are currently delivering their first Outdoor Pursuits Instructor Traineeship. They are doing great promotion on their Facebook page and I would recommend all to have a look. The head office training team have been very much involved in this initiative and many other projects throughout the scheme. I encourage all to have a look at the full list of all our adult education and training courses that is available on our website. Simply log onto and do a search under 2016 courses. Maybe someone you know would be interested.

There are many fantastic initiatives in place across the organisation, some of which are outlined in this magazine and there are many other projects in the pipeline and will be reported on soon. I want to thank the editorial team of the KWETB e-magazine, I know that a tremendous amount of work goes into each production. Please support the future of the magazine by forwarding your photographs and articles to

I thank you, the staff, parents and partners in education and training for your commitment to KWETB, and for your continued professional engagement with all the people you encounter through your work. I look forward to working with you and to a successful year ahead for all in KWETB.