Kildare and Wicklow ETB Newsletter Issue 9 Inclusion - Page 37

Learning about industry in the local area is a motivation to engage in education courses to be ready for the day their asylum application is approved and they are allowed to work. Learning about local leisure activities, particularly free activities, motivated them to join groups such as Tidy Towns, the Musical Society and soccer club, giving them an opportunity to get involved in the local community.

Newbridge Silverware Museum is a major free attraction in Newbridge. The participants were not aware of it and they enjoyed their visit.

Other free attractions in nearby Dublin; Chester Beatty Library, National Museum of Ireland and the National Gallery were also explored.

Hope was restored for this group of asylum seekers as they are integrating into their community and taking practical steps towards their future in Ireland.

Tefera Seifu, Zohaib Zafar, Maria Grogan - tutor, Evelyn Danqua, Khifra Ziwawo Sifa, Niaz Morshed Mazumder Razu, Paxwell Mpofu, Juan Gonzalez Duran, Muhammad Sakriya Shahid